Lytro – the end of photography as we know it?

15 Jan

Lytro is the acronym under which hides the first commercially available light field camera. The main difference between conventional cameras and light field cameras is that conventional focus on something, and after taking the photo, you can’t refocus on something else – you can see sharply only the man in the front, and the background stays blurred. A light field camera ‘just captures the light field’. For the end user this means that you’ll point the camera at what you want, press the button and the picture is there. The key difference is that it doesn’t need to focus, making the process faster. The problem with this technology is that you need a special application to view these photos, which is for mac only at the moment. You can of course focus the photo on what you want, and then export it as a jpeg.

You can take a peek at

The pricing is currently $400/8GiB and $500/16GiB model. (~8.000 and ~10.000 czk).

More info at


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